A big thank you to all for checking out the Daughter’s Barn exhibit this past Sunday at the Premier Bride Expo at Prime Osborn Convention Center in Jacksonville! We had so much fun meeting everyone, including all the beautiful brides to be! I sure didn’t know what to expect as it was our first bridal expo and it was definitely a learning experience. My wonderful, talented Sara Young did the beautiful flowers and was a master at setting up the booth. Thank you, beautiful! My daughter Danielle was there to help Momma setup and meet and greet everyone and they all loved her story about how Daughter’s Barn came about. Sam Smith, one of the master creators of Karma Goddess Planning and Design, showed up from Palm Beach County to help promote our barn and its vision. We all had many laughs and truly had a great time. We even had a request to host a Halloween wedding, which we would love to do! So with all this in mind, I’m saying goodbye for now and to keep an eye out for blog #2! Happy planning, brides and make sure you check back with us periodically for updates!